Not just barter software. An entire Virtual Currency Cloud platform!
Intelligent Ad Search
  • Robust and comprehensive Listing search with Contacts, Location Maps, driving directions, variable listing location options, ratings and much more.
  • Facebook and Twitter integrated! All listings are optionally linked to your Exchange’s social media via the eValues Instant Ad Blast social media apps.  Offering both automated and on-demand Exchange branded listing broadcasts to your social media network.
  • Role based access provides the dynamic presentation and functionality to different users, such as Members, Back office users and the general public.
  • Offers dynamic simplicity to ad and member searching, while providing the more advanced member and\or back office user with the most powerful ad and member search capabilities in the industry.
  • Exchange has complete control over display options and who can view or not.  Control by Permission roles, Membership base, Exchange and\or Exchange group only, global display and more!
  • Exchange and member access to editing listings.
  • Upload pictures for display and inclusion in the system featured lists.
  • Control Cash Blended listing views from or to your members with Cash Blended exclusion controls and options.
  • Inventory management control for limited availability items or asset management.
  • Numerous ways to narrow or group search results in any combination
    • By location
    • By Zip
    • By Region
    • Globally
    • By Department
    • By Category
    • By Keywords And\Or
    • By Keyword Phrases
    • By Exchange Group (Back office users only.  This feature is included in the Member’s “My Exchange” option)
    • By “My Exchange” (local exchange only)
    • New Listings
    • Hot Listings
    • Exchange Ranked and prioritized Featured Listings
  • Dynamic Listing display for Members of your exchange in Back Office user searches.  Including balance snapshots in your results.  (Back office user searching only)
  • Listing and Account Snapshot quick jumps from your member’s listing for more efficient accounts managements.
  • When in a call using the eValues CRM, the listings will display and manage referrals in your Exchange’s referral system.  One Click referrals on any listing instantly creates the referral without losing your page or concentration.
  • Referrals tracking, reporting and management.
  • Needs can be filed by either the member or an In-call user on behalf  of the member in the call.
  • So many more features in the Marketplace that can’t be listed here!
  • Click Here for the Marketplace.
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