Not just barter software. An entire Virtual Currency Cloud platform!
Powerful Transactional Processing
  • Instant Currency conversions and trackable rates in reporting and statements.
  • Security Role based back office user overrides.
  • Instant email notification sent to all parties of the transaction.  Members also have the option of sending multiple copies to other email addresses (e.g. their accountant or accounting dept).
  • Optional Cash blending, tracking, and management controls for cash blended trades and fees assignments (if applicable)
  • Finance Loan system with user defined auto payback plans and terms to trade lender.
  • Inventory control management with Authorization adjustments and stop sell functionalities
  • Quick Reversals with Tax “wash out” procedures to legally minimize tax liabilities (USA based exchanges)
  • Authorizations for Back Office Users (optionally permission\role based) and Members using
    • Online processing using our Quick e-Authorize™ system
    • Phone Authorization line (IVR) with custom forwarding
    • Email
  • Optional and exchange controlled instant buyer balance view.
  • Numerous Exchange controlled Authorizations permission settings for staff, individual members and membership base.
  • Instant currency conversion results view.
  • Transparent Inter-Exchange member to member and\or Exchange to Exchange trading.
    No need to operate through a seperate Inter-Exchange trading network entity.  The eValues system was developed as a global network, not individual exchanges that must interact using a seperate exchange network.
    (If your online Barter software vendor only offers inter-exchange activity outside of your everyday normal activity and only within a seperate entity, then it’s a sign of development immaturity and lack of future scalability.)
  • Optional Inter-Exchange Member to Member security, transactional and listing controls to specify how much or little you wish to interact with other exchanges.
  • Inter-Exchange activity Reporting
  • Much more!
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