Not just barter software. An entire Virtual Currency Cloud platform!
Billing and Collections - Compupay ©
  • Exchange designed and branded custom Statement Broadcasting Templates
  • Exchange statement period and cycle settings
  • Member specific Statement controls
  • Broker and special in-statement messaging imprints
  • We process through your credit card or direct debit processor and autopost\reconcile the member’s account for you.
  • If you do not have a processor, we can auto-process payments for you and the system will autpost\reconcile the member’s account for you.
  • Hailed as the easiest Credit Card posting solution.
  • eValues has been certified PCI Compliant, as well as certified by a Credit Card industry ASV (Approved Scan Vendor)
  • Proven safe and PCI compliant credit card information editing controls and functionalities.
    • Is your barter software vendor setting you up for a major lawsuit and tens of thousands of dollars in fines from the Credit Card companies?
      Click here for more info about the PCI rules and how we protect you from this liability.
  • Up to 99 Funding sources (Credit Cards and\or Direct Debit records on file) per member for auto failover charging.
  • Funding Source priority and reordering for Auto-failover (if the first Funding Source is declined, then the system will attempt charging subsequent entries according to the priority level you set.)
  • LIVE\instant Manual Payment processing via the Compupay Funding Sources module.  You can select amount due or specify other amount.
  • Autocharge switching controls
  • Funding Source Role based security
  • Optional Funding Source page access for members.
  • Charge validations for Exchange branded online membership signups.
  • eValues has over 15 years of safe and proven credit card and direct debit processing.
  • Complete Credit card validation controls to prevent fraud.
  • Compupay™ DDDM – Direct Debit Damage Minimizer reduces the insufficient funds charges in multiple declination scenarios.
  • Complete cash posting and accounts adjustment module for performing every kind of cash processing\posting\reversal\credits you will need in the Post Cash Fees system.
  • You set your monthly charging cycle for both direct debits and credit cards seperately.  After your charging cycle day of month, the system performs failover charging, as well as subsequent collection attempts periodically to maximize collection potential.
  • Compupay™ InstaPay™ – Manually collect and post immediate payments of amounts due or other amounts you specify.
  • Optional collection due criteria settings.  e.g. You can set to collect what has been billed or everything current including recent transactions performed.  Giving you the power over your collection efforts.
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