Not just barter software. An entire Virtual Currency Cloud platform!
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Incoming and outgoing Call tracking
  • User and exchange defined call start member data landing page.
  • Call search
  • Appointments creation and editing
  • Recurring maintenance appointment controls
  • Call notes and member view integrations
  • Followup appointment settings and re-call controls.
  • Call and appointment alarms, snooze controls and reminders.
  • User assigned call management and assignment transfers
  • User call tracking, management and log reports
  • In call instant referrals and referral notifications in The Trading Post™
  • LIVE Instant CallPad in the Member Management Console “at the ready” throughout the call.
  • LIVE Instant Quick Note in the Member Management Console “at the ready” when managing a member.
  • Quick in-call member reload.
  • Orphaned Call prevention
  • Exchange branding eMail broadcasting
  • Optional Exchange branded Weekly Member Update broadcasts
  • Exchange Branded Dynamic eMail broadcasting system with HTML editor controls to create your own newsletter broadcasts, individual member correspondence (and LIVE report attachments) or eMail broadcasts.
  • Exchange layout design templates and template creations for system broadcasts and notifications using simple and easy to use HTML editor controls.
  • Exchange branded User and Member defined RSS feeds subscriptions for instant trade listings notifications. (Compatible with all Vista and Windows 7 RSS feed gadgets, as well as all latest browsers)
  • and many more functions than can be listed here!
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