Not just barter software. An entire Virtual Currency Cloud platform!
Dynamic Reporting and Power Data
  • Dynamic, Role and Permission based reporting for Back Office users and members.
  • Over 200 reports \ reporting combinations
  • Reports broadcasting.  (On selected reports)  e.g. Users can select to run and email a member their Statement or 1099-B (USA based exchanges) if requested.  (Note: Statements and 1099-Bs are auto-generated and optionally auto-broadcasted by the system as well)
  • XML Exporting of selected report data for use in other software if desired.
  • Back Office user permission level controls on what can or cannot be reported and by whom.
  • Power Data platform to shape and report data however you wish
  • Here are just a few of the reports offered in the eValues system
    • Aged Receivables
    • Staff Commissions (Paid and Posted)
    • Trade Summaries
    • Daily Receipts
    • Trade Balances
    • Activity Summaries (Since inception, Year-to-date and current period)
    • Member Data Detail
    • Member Funding Sources identification
    • Comprehensive Transaction history reporting
    • Statements
    • Finance\Loan system reporting
    • Fees reporting
    • Trade Listings reports
    • Trading Post structure reporting
    • and many more!
  • Reports are Exchange Branded
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