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Social Media Integration

The benefits and features to you and your members!

• “New Listing” apps that post directly to your Exchange Twitter feeds and Facebook Pages
• Posts are performed the instant a qualifying listing is created anywhere in the eValues network
• Listings are posted “on your behalf”. All post links will be exchange branded links to the eValues site.
• Apps can post to multiple Twitter Accounts per exchange.
• You can select an unlimited number of Facebook Pages to allow the app to post for.
• Our Social apps support both Personal and Business Facebook accounts.
• System will only post listings that your members should see. For example, Shippable listings with a Global display level will post to all Exchanges Social sites. However, NON-shippable and\or Exchange\group only listings will post only to your Exchange’s Social network(s).
• Configure which Twitter account to use for the “Follow us” button that will be presented on all eValues pages to your members and staff.
• Configure which Facebook Page to use for the “Like” button that will be presented on all pages to your members and staff.
• Configure connections for LinkedIn and Google+
• Any members or staff Following your Twitter feeds or Likes your Facebook Page(s) will get instant notification of new listings in the system.
• Post data is limited to the essentials and does not reveal sensitive information, but rather includes a link to view more info and login for even more information.
• Posts can be managed by you in your respective Social Network accounts. Since they are posted on your behalf, you have full control of them in Facebook and Twitter.

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