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U.S. and Multinational Tax Reporting and Compliance
1099-B Reporting (USA based Exchanges)

Customizable Tax Settings for all Exchanges

Optional U.S. Tax Reporting

  • IRS reporting and Filing system developed by our Tax reporting system experts
  • System generates and sends member’s 1099-B to them every January on your behalf and Exchange branded
  • Tax structures are reported according to U.S. 1099-B reporting regulations
  • Business and Individual accounts are reported according to their different requirements by the IRS.
  • Once generated, all 1099-B’s are available online by back office users.
  • All forms and notices generated by the eValues Tax filing system are IRS approved.
  • Optionally, Individual emailing of 1099-B’s to members is also available in the Reporting and Messaging Center.
  • Back Office Users can generate Correction 1099-B’s if needed
  • Auto-Filing on or before the IRS deadline using the eValues\IRS interface on your behalf.
  • Reduced tax liabilities for members is acheived by the eValues Tax Reduction system and it’s patented balance out mechanisms.

Customizable Tax Setup for Exchanges outside of the U.S.

  • Custom tax options such as VAT, GST and other government tax structures.
  • Customizable settings for defining taxable transactions, rates, schedule and collections.
  • Reports to help you keep track of tax collections.
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